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We have CD's and downloadable songs on MP3.com. but MP3.com is currently remodeling Check out our MP3 site in the near future when MP3.com is again accessable Check back with us for updates!! and sorry for the inconvenience.

Check out the release of the DVD and an original motion picture soundtrack of "OFF THE CHARTS" a documentary on the song-poem business featuring magickey productions!!

News Flash!

      News Flash - The Neil Simon Festival of Cedar City UT presents a Staged reading of "Song-Poems Wanted-- The musical" featuring the hit song-poems "Aliens Stole My Dog" and " Non Violent Taekwondo Troopers" August 7th at 7: 30 at the heritage theater

      News Flash - Just released is the first "Guided Imagery CD" -- This CD is a powerful aid to help ease stress, relieve pain and connect body mind and spirit. Guided imagery has been used for centuries by ancient cultures. This program combines narrative visualization and soundscapes. Click here to check it out!

      News Flash - David Fox song-poem composer singer extraordinaire is turning poems into songs on the EBAY AUCTION site starting at low low prices.

      The new musical SONG-POEMS WANTED! is now being produced by Red Rock Records. The show will open sometime this year. It will feature some of the most popular song-poems ever recorded including "Jimmy Carter Says Yes", " From Ecstacy to Frenzy". "Aliens Stole My Dog" "Non Violent Taekwondo Troopers and more. More details in the weeks to come.

      News Flash - On Saturday morning May 26 David Fox will be interviewed on the CBC ( Canadian national radio ) During a one and a half hour live show on Song-Poems that will also feature celebrity singers and comics. This will reach 750 thousand listeners, and will Feature songs include "Non- Violent Taekwondo Troopers", Tuna Tuna Tuna" and " Annie Oakley"

      TV SHOWS ?UNLOCK THE MAGIC? and ?THE MAGIC KEY VIDEO SHOW? for sale at $15.00 plus $4.00 for shipping and handling. (Please indicate which show-give title of song performed with author)

      A Song-Poem fan has started a David Fox fan club!! Check it out on MySpace.com!!

      The documentary film entitled: "OFF THE CHARTS - The Song Poem Story" has been released on DVD and we are making it and an original motion picure soundtrack from it available to you, our customers at a discounted price...click here to check it out!! ---If you didn't catch it on PBS, this show is an episode of the continuing series called "Independent lens" featuring independent documentary filmakers and hosted by actress Angela Bassett. The movie tells the history of the song-poem business and interviews song-poets, singers and notable players in this most unique phenomenom. The show features Magic Key songpoets Gary Forney, Juan Singletary and Nelson V. Ortiz are with such dities as "THE THING", "ANNIE OAKLEY" and "CHICKEN INSURECTION"

      Magickey and Red Rock Records have expanded their duplication department and are making that service available to their current and potential clients.
     If you have a completed project on CD and just need some production disks than click here to find out how to contact us for pricing!!!

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